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14 January 2012 @ 21:14
Title: Areopagus

Author: Nicke

Fandom: SGA

Prompt: areopagus

Series: 30 drabbles in 30 days

Pairing: Rodney McKay/Elizabeth Weir

Rating: M

Kinks: spanking (though there's more hints of it than actual deeds...

Summary: Rodney is taking up on an offer, Elizabeth wasn't even aware she made...

Word count: ~920

A/N: It's been ages since I got around to write for fun. So I decided that had to be taken care of. The plan is simple. 30 days, 30 drabbles, ficlets, vignettes. This is number one. Be generous. Thanks to flubber2kool for the drive-by beta. All mistakes you find are mine.


It was close to midnight when the doorbell softly chimed. "One moment, please," Elizabeth called, setting down the book she'd been reading and slipped on her dressing gown. She tied the belt as she walked over to the door, wondering who'd disturb her at that time of night. Correcting the fit of the neckline, she composed herself and then opened the door.

"Rodney," she said surprised as the door slid open, revealing a quite nervous head of sciences. "What brings you here?" she asked and stepped aside, beckoning him in. Could it be, she wondered as she watched him hurry in, that Rodney actually had considered the offer she made in the afternoon. But then, it wasn't so much an offer, more an exasperated sigh over his unreasonableness.

"If you're constantly acting like a 5 year old, maybe I should actually treat you like that and spank your bare backside."

"Um," Rodney replied, looked at her for a moment, then cast down his eyes and wrought his hands. "About what you said earlier this afternoon."

Elizabeth arched her brow at him. Now that was interesting, she thought. Rodney was extremely ambitious and thirsting for approval. And she'd been not amused at all regarding his behaviour.
Maybe he thought her offer had been serious and a spanking could actually make up for his impertinence. Well, she hadn't been serious, and she'd never considered taking measures like that. On the other hand, this was a chance presenting itself, and who was she to refuse?

Schooling her features into a neutral expression, Elizabeth nodded at Rodney. "I did say a lot of things this afternoon, Rodney. Maybe you could refresh my memory a bit?"
Rodney nervously shifted, and gestured with his hand. "A, um, about my," he swallowed. "Behaviour."

Elizabeth sighed. "Oh, I'm surprised you actually listened. I can't remember how many times I've had to reprimand you for your inappropriate behaviour."

Rodney's index finger shot up, but Elizabeth shook her head and stopped him with a small gesture of her hand. "Don't start with how it was all Major Sheppard's fault. Or Dr. Zelenka's."

"But I thought I'd be able to--" Rodney started.

"Yes, Rodney," Elizabeth interrupted him again. "How many times did you think you'd be able to handle something, despite Dr. Zelenka advising you not to even think of it! Or despite my or Major Sheppard's explicit order?"

Rodney frowned, but had the decency to look at least a little deflated. "Um, quite often?" he offered.

"Yes," Elizabeth nodded. "You're smart, Rodney, exceptionally so, you're--"

"Brilliant," Rodney threw in, his expression lighting a little.

Elizabeth sighed and rubbed her forehead. This was exactly what was driving her up the wall. Rodney didn't seem to notice that sometimes he was acting like a kid.

"Maybe it's better you go to bed," she said. "It's gotten late and I am really tired."

"No," Rodney said, and reached for her arm, but hesitated to actually touch her and pulled back his hand as if he got burned. "I know you're angry and I am sorry."

"I'm not angry, Rodney," Elizabeth said. "You're the head of science and self-proclaimed genius in two galaxies and yet at times a five year old has more common sense than you do. You could save yourself a lot of trouble if you'd actually listen to those who care for you."

There was something in Rodney's eyes Elizabeth wasn't able to place.

"I'm just getting tired of having to remind you to listen to orders, mine, Major Sheppard's, Rodney."

Rodney pondered her words for a bit and Elizabeth could practically watch the wheels turning. "So, um, what you said in the afternoon..."


He shrugged, and said: "So it was, um," he hesitated. "You were just kidding, right?"

Elizabeth had to bite back a laugh. Obviously Rodney was quite interested and tried hard not to show it.

"Would you rather I wasn't?" she gave back with a sly smile.

Rodney swallowed and fingered the neckline of his shirt. "Um."

"Rodney," Elizabeth said and stepped closer, gently touching his forearm. "When I said that I was quite frustrated, because again you put your own life and the lives of your team members in danger. But obviously the idea of," she paused and gave him an encouraging smile. "Physical disciplinary measures seem quite appealing to you."

Rodney's ears turned pink, which Elizabeth found quite endearing. She'd never considered taking her friendship with Rodney to another, more physical level. She liked him, and of course she'd wondered what it would be like to kiss him or touch him. But she'd never acted on these fantasies. After all, he had seemed to be quite taken with Katie Brown.

Rodney nodded.

"Well, maybe we shouldn't discuss this here," Elizabeth said and reached for Rodney's hand. His palm was warm, but a little sweaty. He seemed s little surprised as she wrapped her fingers around his, but after a moment's hesitation willingly replied the gesture. That was good, she thought. He was a passionate man, but he needed a little guidance. And that he'd actually picked up on an offer she wasn't aware she made was an unexpected gift. Not one she'd let pass.

Giving his hand a gentle squeeze, she lead him over to her bed. She sat down, and wondered if he'd run away now out or if his curiosity'd win over. Rodney hesitated for a moment and nervously looked over to the door, obviously pondering his options. Then he drew a deep breath, and sat down beside her.