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14 January 2012 @ 20:53
Dawn of a new day  
Title: Dawn of a new day

Author: Nicke

Fandom: SG1

Prompt: -

Series: 30 drabbles in 30 days

Characters: Sam Carter/Janet Frasier

Rating: PG13

Kinks: none

Summary: Sam wakes up on a Sunday morning and ponders life and love...

Word count: ~570

A/N: It's been ages since I got around to write for fun. So I decided that had to be taken care of. The plan is simple. 30 days, 30 drabbles, ficlets, vignettes. This is number four. Be generous. Not betaed. All mistakes you find are mine.


Everything was warm and cozy, as Sam slowly surfaced from sleep. The curtains filtered the sun, soft rays of orange light painting the walls and the ceiling of the bedroom. Slowly stretching her limbs, Sam blinked open her eyes. On mornings like these, everything was perfect. It was her free Sunday, she could sleep in and not worry about things for once. She turned her head, as she felt a movement beside her.

"Hey," a sleepy voice mumbled from under the sheets. "I'm still sleeping."

Sam laughed sofly, and rested her head back into the pillow. Oh yes, she thought, mornings like these really made up for everything they both had to put up with.

Meeting in secret, because they both couldn't risk being found out.

Having to pretend they only were good friends, nothing more. Which was pretty hard at times.

That was the down side of being a military. Of course, the military offered chances she wouldn't have had otherwise, but they were quite strict with regulations regarding relationships, too.

At times she felt the urge to do something silly, and stop this playing hide-and-seek and simply kiss her lover right in front of the General.

Sam grinned as she pictured the scene. Best case? Hammond brushed it off as a joke, giving them a wink and ordering them not to play these games in front of Colonel Frank Simmons.

Worst case? Both of them would be sent off to Lavenworth for some extra holidays. And that would be the end of two brilliant careers.

Dad would be disappointed. More than just disappointed probably.

But even worse than the pretending to be just friends was the other pretending.

Namely having this infatuation with Jack O'Neill. It wasn't like she thought he was a nutcase or something. He was smart, but he liked to play dumb. If she was be into guys, she might have actually have fallen for his charme. He wasn't looking too bad for a guy.

Sometimes it almost hurt to pretend she was so all over him it wasn't funny anymore. He was her commanding officer after all. She wasn't sure if O'Neill bought it or had an idea that she was only faking it. If he knew, he was good at not showing and playing along.

She sighed deeply.

But then, waking up next to Janet after a night of passion was worth almost everything. Even playing the silly, lovesick puppy, she thought and snuggled closer to Janet's form under the covers. It was early in the morning and these moments with her were too precious to waste them on such thoughts. She still could worry when they'd gotten up, when Janet had left and the bed was cold and rumpled and the only memory of the night was the dent in the pillow with her scent.

"What do you think of breakfast?" Janet mumbled.

"Oh, I'm not hungry for breakfast yet," Sam murmured against Janet's neck.

"Hmm, not?"

"No," Sam said and wrapped her arm around Janet's middle.

"You got a better idea than coffee and toast?"

"Yeah, definitely better than coffee and toast," Sam promised and pulled the covers over their heads, keeping the world out for another while.