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12 January 2012 @ 18:35
Five Times (4/5) - Secret Combination  
Title: 4 Times Rodney told Carson "I hate you!" and one time he didn't (4/5)– Secret combination

Author: Nicke

Pairing: Rodney/Carson

Kink: none

Categories: ER, friendship, coming out, 5 times

Rating: PG

Teaser: "It's called Haggis," he softly said, "and you know very well, that I didn't put any lemon in it, Rodney."

Word count: 1140

Prompt: lover 100 # 061 – Secret

Disclaimer: The smut is mine, the boys are MGM's. *sigh*

A/N: Thank you very much, inkscribe you did a wonderful job betaing this "baby"! *hugs* The title is taken from the song with the same name by the fabulous Randy Crawford.

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How I love to hate you
I love to hate you

Erasure, "I love to hate you"


4. Secret combination

Carefully hiding her curiosity, Liz threw hidden glances at the two men. With growing fascination, she watched the interaction between them, men she knew for almost three years. She had always been aware of a special connection between them, though she never would have guessed that it was that kind of special. Not that she minded, it was just ... strange to imagine that Rodney could actually care for someone, or even let someone take care of him. That he could actually open up to someone and not be the insufferable jerk he so often was. And if she gave it a second thought, it just had to be Carson, she mused as she watched Carson eat.

Everybody liked Carson, always so polite and obliging. He had pleasant voice with a cute accent, and a kind word not just for his patients. He took things to heart, but wasn't resentful; he was forgiving of many things, but not everything. She'd let herself be fooled by his gentle appearance when she first met him -- all shy, an almost fearful smile, and big blue eyes.

The complete opposite to the phenomenon that was Rodney McKay, she thought with a smile, and let her gaze wander further around the table.

Carson invited a few friends for New Year's Supper in his quarters: John, Teyla, Ronon, her and of course, Rodney, too. He prepared a traditional Scottish meal. She had no idea how he managed to get his hands on all the supplies. He must have oiled someone's palm to arrange the transport to Atlantis.

Rodney, seated between her and Carson, toyed nervously with the napkin on the table and picked his fork into the portion on his plate.

"What was this... stuff... called again?" he asked dubiously, the furrow on his forehead deepening and not caring about the other guests. "And is there any lemon in it?"

She smiled at John, seated across from her, as he shook his head and rolled his eyes. Obviously the colonel hadn't come to the same conclusion as she. Ignorance, in some cases, she thought, was probably bliss.

From the corner of her eye Liz caught Teyla with the hint of a frown gazing from Rodney to Carson. The hand, on the way from the plate to her mouth, wavered for a moment. When her gaze returned to Rodney, Teyla's face lit up.

Ronon, sitting next to her, didn't pay any attention to any of what was going on. But obviously he liked the food, because he was digging in with gusto.

"Haggis." Carson replied, putting down his fork and placed his hand over Rodney's. "It's called Haggis," he said softly, "and you know very well, that I didn't put any lemon in it, Rodney."

Enthralled, Liz watched the affectionate display, amazed by Carson's casual touch and Rodney's easy acceptance of it. Rodney's hand immediately stilled and the tiniest of smiles lit his face. He didn't shake off the hand, but with his thumb he absentmindedly brushed against Carson's little finger while he continued to pick at his food. It was very intimate, she thought. This little gesture made her feel like she was invading something very private, something she shouldn't have witnessed at all. These men were her friends and it was strange to think of them that way. Of them being intimate. With each other.

As she looked up, she caught Rodney's gaze and immediately felt the blood rushing to her face. Quickly diverting her eyes, she noticed John frowning at her, almost bewildered and then turning to Rodney.

"Um, McKay?"

Rodney took a deep breath and straightened, putting his fork down. When Carson moved to pull back his hand, he firmly planted his other hand of top, keeping it in place, stroking it roughly with a fierce expression on his face.

"Okay, obviously nobody would believe me now if I said that it's not what it looks like, would you?" Rodney asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm. He threw a sideways glance at Carson and then defiantly looked around.

Liz raised her brow, unsure about how to react to this. Probably this was the closest to a public declaration of love anybody would get out of Rodney McKay. It was very like him, stubborn and defiant to the bone. But still, coming out of the closet under these circumstances, embarrassing as it was, probably was better than in front of a bunch of Marines...

"Only a blind man wouldn't have noticed," Ronon said, mouth half full and not bothering to stop eating.

John shot him an annoyed glare. "You calling me blind?"

"Well, there's a popular explanation for that phenomenon, Colonel," Rodney taunted. "And it would explain..."

"Rodney!" Carson stopped Rodney's explanation while Liz shook her head and threw John a reprimanding look.

"Look," she started and put down her fork, then turned to Rodney and Carson. "Nobody is judging you. You're both civilian and so am I. 'Don't ask, don't tell' very obviously doesn't apply here." She paused and gave both men a small smile. For a moment she considered to place her hand atop Rodney's but decided against. It would have been far too personal just then. "I'm really glad for both."

Carson smiled a genuine smile and Rodney visibly relaxed. Their hands separated and Rodney reached for his fork again.

"What did you mean when you referred to 'don't ask, don't tell', Dr. Weir?" Teyla asked.

Before she was able to reply, Carson explained. "The military is not exactly fond of same sex relationships within the Forces, love. It's not exactly forbidden, but not encouraged, either."

"Why?" Ronon suddenly joined the conversation.

Rodney's face lit with a spiteful smile. "Maybe the colonel cares to explain?"

John frowned and shook his head. Then he pointed to his empty glass. "Well, I might get into the mood to launch into a discussion with you about that, McKay, but only if I get some more of that stuff."

"If you're counting on the typical Scottish closefistedness," Rodney started, but Carson cupped his hand again and Rodney paused, open mouthed. Liz smiled at the sight. It was seldom to see Rodney at a loss for words.

"Economy, dear," Carson said. "Or parsimony, if you must," he added.

"Um, okay..." Rodney stammered, what he was about to say obviously forgotten. Carson smiled at John and got up to get the bottle.

"Maybe I should try Beckett's trick next time you're being obstinate on a mission," John mused.

"Trick?" Teyla asked.

"Yeah, you know, that hand patting thing," John explained and wriggled his fingers.

Ronon let out a laught and Rodney blushed.

Carson returned to the table with the bottle, refilled John and Ronon's glasses, and sat down again. Smiling, he whispered something into Rodney's ear that made the scientist blush even deeper.

"Really, Carson, I hate you."

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