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14 September 2008 @ 15:18
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Title: Viscous

Series: Spin-off to "Hysteresis", missing scene

Beta: by inkscribe

Pairing: Rodney McKay/Katie Brown, Rodney McKay/John Sheppard

Type: ER, het, slash, vignette

Rating: PG

Summary: John tries to distract Rodney after Carson left Atlantis...

Word count: ~ 720

Disclaimer: The smut is mine, the boys are MGM's. *sigh*

A/N: I decided to post this scene as a missing scene to "Hysteresis" and to keep the first version of the events in the original story for creepiness. Reading through the story and editing it, I had the urge to write out the scene, to show what a sneaky guy Sheppard is. Though he's coming across far less creepy and manipulative than I intended. Oh, well, but then, this is about Rodney figuring out about his feelings for Carson and no in-depth character story about Sheppard. So be generous.


Viscous: adj., 1) having a relatively high resistance to flow, 2) having the sticky properties of an adhesive. (Source: www.thefreedictionary.com)


It was a few weeks after Carson left Atlantis when John Sheppard came on to Rodney.

Katie, who'd been worried about Rodney, was pleased that he started hanging out with a male friend again, after Carson had left the Pegasus galaxy. The disturbance Carson's unexpected leave had caused him (Rodney hated all sorts of sudden changes), was short-lived. He enjoyed hanging out with out with his team leader and doing guy stuff.

Sheppard, who asked Rodney to call him John, was a guy to Rodney's taste. In contrast to Carson, John didn't overanalyse things and was easy company when he wanted not to talk about what happened on a mission or in the lab or about what went wrong.

It was an evening after one of these not-so-by-the-book missions, when John suggested to watch a film. Rodney wasn't in the mood to go to his own rooms or to spend time with Katie. She definitely spent too much time with Kate the shrink, because she had developed this annoying trait to ask him about how he felt and thought it would help him to find his center, if he talked to her about his missions and what went wrong and such. So he gladly accepted.

About two hours later, a short briefing, a medical check and a shower later, he sat in John's room on the bed, watching the new episode of Star Wars, "The Phantom Menace".

They had placed the laptop on a small chair in front of the bed, but Rodney didn't really follow the events of the small screen. He startled when John moved closer, resting their thighs together. John apologised and Rodney relaxed, starting to actually enjoy the film.

"You miss Carson," John suddenly said after a while and gave him a firm squeeze, letting his hand rest on Rodney's thigh just above his knee.

Rodney noticed that something was wrong there, but couldn't exactly put his finger on it. The gesture was casual, but there seemed to be something said in between the lines he hadn't caught and he had no idea what it was. It just didn't feel right.

He had never been the type of person who would seek out other person's physical closeness himself, but John had been in his personal space ever since Carson had left Atlantis, he suddenly realised.

"Um, yes?" he replied, with a frown watching the hand slowly traveling up along his thigh. John's breath was warm in his neck, as the other man leaned closer.

"You've been very good friends," John inquired, not moving his hand, but before Rodney was able to reply, John went on. "But he left Atlantis."

There was more than just a hint of accusation in his voice, and Rodney instantly felt the urge to defend Carson. Of course, he hadn't been pleased with Carson's decision to leave Atlantis, in fact he had considered it as an act of personal offense when he watched Carson disappear through the Stargate, walking into the wobbly blue event horizon. Hearing John talk about Carson that way didn't seem right, but he kept his mouth shut.

Then John softly kissed the corner of his mouth.

Rodney trembled and was torn between absolute horror and excitement. Maybe, if John hadn't mentioned Carson and if Rodney hadn't felt guilty to betray Katie, he admitted years later, maybe he'd had given into John's advances.

"I could distract you," John whispered seductively and tipped his nose against Rodney's ear, cupping his face with his other hand. "I can make you forget him. He's gone, but I'm still here. We'd be so good together, don't you think?" He slid up his hand into Rodney's crotch and gave him a firm squeeze. Rodney felt guilt wash over him as he felt his body responding to the manipulation.

"I, I, I don't think that's such a good idea," Rodney stammered, peeling John's hand off his thigh and slowly pulled back. "I think, I should head off to bed."

Hastily he left John's room and hurried back to his own.

Rodney didn't sleep well that night and didn't tell Katie about it. She didn't ask why it was "Sheppard" again the next day in the mess hall, and he didn't notice the frown she gave the Colonel.